Incoming: Biknd bags are here now and we have one


biknd-09A while back we let you know that Biknd travel bags were coming to New Zealand via their recently appointed distributor KRD Imports. Well stock arrived last week and we've managed to get our hands on one of the first ones out of the container. Our initial impressions are pretty damn positive. Actually I lie; my real first impression was more like "oh shit" but then luckily I found the instructions. Now we aren't just reviewing this thing by building it up and taking it down in the Spoke studio, we thought it needed some real flights, so on Saturday it's heading to South Australia for the Melrose Fat Tyre Festival. We'll let you know how it goes in Spoke 58. biknd-13

Evoc have pretty much owned the bike bag market for the last little while but this well thought out bag may just change that. The only similarities the bags share is their purpose and that they both have wheels. The Biknd bag has a whole bunch of pretty cool features that set it apart, starting with how the bike fixes into the bag. A solid box section of alloy runs the length of the bag, and at the fork end is a sliding fork mount which comes with adapters to take all three front axle types. Fixed at the rear of the bag is a post with an adjustable mount that accepts all rear axle types again (even 150 x 12). After you've fixed the fork in place you just slide it back and fix the rear axle in place. The bike is then rock solid in the bag and it ain't moving.


But the best bit is the inflatable wheel protectors. These go on the outside of the bag to protect the rim from other luggage being dropped on your bag and bending those precious hoops. You can check them out in this little step by step photo-set we shot last night.biknd-01

This is how the bag arrives out of the box; pretty small for storage in your garage.biknd-02

Undo the straps.biknd-03

Unroll the bag and look confused. biknd-04

Find the instructions and then get Brett to blow up one of the wheel protectors.biknd-05

Get Brett to blow up the other one.biknd-06

Wrap them in their protective sleeves; these also hold them in place.biknd-07

Strap the wheels in place. No need to deflate tyres or remove rotors or clusters.biknd-08

Strap the wheels in place.biknd-09

Grab your extra large 29er and bolt it in with the correct adapters.biknd-10

Zip her up.biknd-11

Don't forget your pedals sitting on the dining room table and you're good to go! biknd-01

We thought we'd animate it for you below. It may take longer than three seconds though. In fact it may have taken us a little while but now that we've done it once, it's going to be a breeze to break up and down. These bags are available now in a store near you for $749. You can find who has them on the Biknd website here.biknd-12

Oh almost forgot, here's all those funky wheel adapters!