Yeti launch SB5c with Switch Infinity Suspension


Holy surprise launch, Yeti! Well, we certainly knew little about this bike, or at least the new technology that Yeti have introduced with the new SB5c. There were rumblings that Yeti were jumping into the 5 inch travel, medium-wheel market with an all-new bike, but the new Switch Infinity suspension uses a system that looks like nothing seen before. We have no idea how it works, so hopefully the video and this press release info will explain it some more...


The SB5C is our interpretation of what a trail bike should be — lightweight, great pedaling uphill and a screamer going down. This bike will make you smile.We’ve taken all we’ve learned from our popular Switch Technology and merged it with our bump smashing 303 Rail Technology to come up with a completely new suspension design called the SWITCH INFINITY.2014_SB5C_Newsletter_Sub.004331

SWITCH INFINITY is a Yeti patented design that allows unprecedented control of suspension kinematics. The end result -- an extremely efficient pedaling platform without compromising small bump compliance. Point it down and the suspension switches to controlled and bottomless. FOX know-how makes the system bombproof and low maintenance.


The SWITCH INFINITY system utilizes a patented translating pivot that switches direction as the bike moves through its travel. This provides excellent anti-squat characteristics for superior pedaling performance and ideal suspension characteristics as it gets deeper into the travel.


This new system allows the suspension achieve seemingly contradictory characteristics. In the early stage of the travel it displays superior pedaling efficiency and excellent small bump sensitivity. As you move deeper into the travel, it is well supported and responds effortlessly to square edge hits.

Travel: 5” (127mm) Weight: 5.1 Lbs (2.31 Kg) Sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large Colors: Black, Turquoise R.shock: FOX Float CTD Adjust BV 7.875” x 2.0” B.bracket: PF30 F.derailleur: Direct Mount Seatpost: 30.9mm Diameter

More info here...

Black Seal NZ website


FOX 34 / 140MM FORK

XS                SM                M                   L                   XL

A            15.0            16.5             17.5              19.0            20.5

B            21.6             22.6            23.6               24.6           25.6

C            67.0             67.0            67.0              67.0           67.0

D           72.8             72.8            72.8             72.8           72.8

E            17.4              17.4            17.4               17.4            17.4

F           43.4              44.4            45.5              46.6           47.6

G           13.4              13.4            13.4               13.4            13.4

H           29.6             29.7            29.8              30.0           30.5

I            3.70              4.30           4.80              5.60           6.30

J            21.0               21.0            21.0              21.0            21.0

L            23.6               23.2            23.6              24.4            25.0

M            14.6               15.5            16.3              17.1            17.9

*All measurements are in inches