You can help Kate Fluker and Reon Boe get to the World Champs!


Kate Fluker's Commonwealth Games dream starts Tuesday the 29th at 10:30pm on Sky channel 57. Very civilized time for us as it's a morning race in Scotland, so get a group together at the pub like we'll be doing and cheer loudly for our National Champ. After spending the last three months training and racing in Europe in their yellow Fiat van called Bumble, Kate and Reon are feeling the financial pressure of now spending extra money getting to Norway for the World Champs in one month's time. Show your support by donating through Kate's Paypal account HERE. Reon said even enough to get fuel would be a big help so let's show them the whole country's support and fill up their bank account, not just a petrol tank. 10559914_10152599153375460_7153585578222463452_n

If you're in Queenstown come to the Lone Star upstairs bar  for discounted drinks for QMTBC members.