Exclusive: NZ ENDURO rider list is stacked! Moseley, Vouilloz and Clementz will be there, will you?


Waka-Nydia-SRAM-3685 I think this post warrants a couple of expletives. Holy Shit! 120 riders! Event filled up in 1.55 minutes! The rider list for the first ever NZ Enduro is stacked to the brim with big name international riders (who we will no doubt see pop up at a few other events). Household EWS names like Jerome Clementz (who has already won his first race since his broken collarbone), the legend that is Nico Vouilloz, Marlborough local Justin Leov and even Kapiti Coast's Chris Johnston and his fellow Nomad Dylan Wolsky.

On the women's front things are just as hectic with Tracy Moseley, Anneke Beerten, Anka Martin, Katrina Strand and Rosara Joseph all confirmed. And when you scan the list you'll also see a bunch of other heavy-hitting names. You will also notice what I'd like to consider are a bunch of sandbaggers, mainly men who should really have ticked Pro. Yeah you Lester Perry, and you too Jeff Carter, Derek Winwood, you're guilty and so are you Cowboy and Fatty, and don't think we can't see your names Tristan, Jonty, Andy and Tim. And seriously, is anyone here gonna take it for one second that Ed Crossing and Eden Cruise shouldn't be in the Pro Category?

The fine print:  Riders on the list will get an email Wednesday with payment details. You have a week to pay and must use your last name as a reference for payment. If payment isn’t received by Wednesday the 10th of September then your place will go to the next person on the list. Once entered if you don’t want to race we will put your space back into the pool and reallocate to the next person on the list and refund you once the spot is sold.

NZ Enduro Notification List

Am I right in calling out these chaps, should they be in Pro? Let us know what you think and plead your case not racing with the real men and women!