Behind the scenes: with WTB for Spoke Issue 59

wtb-marin-6275 In the latest issue of Spoke I paid a visit to the WTB offices in the heart of Marin County. I was lucky enough to be taken for a ride though the hills with Bay Area legends Mark Weir and Fred Falk, and along for the ride was my good friend and documentary filmmaker Jason Watkins of Poison Oak Productions. You may have seen Jason's work in the amazing film "The Way Bobby Sees It"; along with his wife Wendy they documented what life is like for blind mountain biker Bobby McMullin (you can watch the movie in full by clicking on the movie title just back there).

Jason was keen to document what goes in to a Spoke photo shoot, but living on different continents put a bit of a spanner in the works. But with a layover in SF for the day things aligned and Jason decided to tag along for the afternoon and put together this pretty damn accurate behind the scenes look at what it takes to get the images you see in Spoke's pages.





wtb-marin-6360 wtb-marin-6115