Beer goes to good home...


Beer-Winner3 In Issue 59 we featured a story on Ground Effect's 20 year anniversary, and like the rad company they are they brewed some special ale to celebrate.

Those with an eagle eye and a taste for a good drop would have noticed GE's offer of a couple of bottles for our readers... we finally got around to picking a subscriber to sample the brew, and the lucky winner was Lachlan McNeill from, handily, Christchurch!

Lachlan hobbled his way to the Ground Effect palaces to pick up his beer and stayed around to share it with Guy, Cherie and the whole team. And no, there's not a wild crash story behind the broken leg, in fact it was the result of a gardening mishap! Details are sketchy, possibly due to embarrassment? Best stick to the mountain bike, Lachlan, it's much safer.