Do you want to influence product design at a global bike company?


mtbuller-1758Given the fact that a large portion of the MTB industry is heading to Rotorua next week (you should be as well) one international bike company figured it was a pretty good time to sit down with Kiwi all-mountain riders and pick their proverbial brains on all things... well, all-mountain. The prerequisites for being chosen are pretty damn simple, in fact you just have to answer yes to the following two questions. Will you be at Crankworx Rotorua? Do you ride all-mountain bikes?

If you did answer yes you will get the chance to influence product design by joining a focus group led by a global bike company. All you need to do is fill out this brief questionnaire to be considered and they’ll follow up via email.

By the looks of things, if you are chosen you won't go home empty handed either.