UK Based Kiwi Mark Windsor is the man behind the amazingly beautiful and massively practical Nutter Multi Tool and to say it’s been well received is a bit of an understatement. The tool and Mark have been profiled in Esquire as well as some of the world’s biggest cycling magazines. We are a little slow to the Nutter party but we thought we’d share the love and give you guys the chance to buy the Nutter Tool from our webshop. Our first order is almost here so it’s currently a pre-order. The tools should arrive the first week of May but stock will still be limited so it would pay to get in quick and place a pre-order now, just to be safe. You can get yours here.



Featuring all the essentials for fixing your most common bike headaches. The Nutter combines all the tools you need when out riding into one simple unit. Its unique design and distinctive form turns the tool into a handle, giving you more leverage than other multi tools on the market. The tool weighs just 110g.


Housed beautifully in your choice of a burnt brown or jet black leather and recycled inner tube pouch.

black_pouch_1024x1024 open_pouch_1024x1024Nutter_packaging_1024x1024pouch_on_bike_79acd706-a9f0-4f07-9ba1-cb962daf912f_1024x1024  tool_extender_1024x1024

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