If you’ve been pedalling fast enough you will have noticed that Crank Brothers’ new DH Mallet pedal has been available for the last month. Well we’ve just added them to our Webshop and you can buy a set freight-free right this minute for $229 right here.

The mallet dh/race pedals are already used by some of the best DH racers in the world. They were put to the test on the 2012 World Cup circuit, and their strength and durability were proven again and again during a year of prototype testing without a single failure. After a season of taking the pros to countless podiums – and even taking Greg Minnaar to a World Championship – the mallet dh/race pedals are now available to take you down your favourite dh courses as you chase some podiums of your own. As Steve Peat says, with the mallet dh/race, “you’ll have the right tool for the job.”

“It’s been great to work with crankbrothers on the new mallet dh/race. I would consider this to be the market leader in function for dh and trail riding, and being able to improve on the design was exceptional. Having feedback from the racers using the pedals is key, and we did our best to put it through its paces. At the World Cup level, a season of racing is extremely hard on gear, and to go a full season on one set of pedals in all conditions really speaks for itself as far as durability goes. Mud clearance is better, the design supports your feet well, and axle strength is just right.”
– Justin Leov

“Using the Mallet DH/Race pedals at races gave me the edge that I just wouldn’t get on any given day. It is really cool to be riding what to me is the best pedal out there.” Stevie Smith

Weight – 479g per pair
Platform – Extruded/machined aluminum
Wings – Investment cast steel spring 300 series
Spring – Steel
Spindle forged – Scm435 chromoly steel
Spindle q factor – Increased 5mm per spindle
Inner bearing – Needle + cartridge bearing
Outer bearing – Cartridge
Traction pins – 8mm adjustable
Release angle – 15° to 20°
Cleat – Premium brass cleats included
Color – Red
Warranty – 5 years

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