Well it was a pretty busy weekend with the DH, 4X and XC going down at Bromont and the Slopestyle going down in Colorado. I should really have put some money on it cause’ I’m pretty sure I said to someone that it was going to be a Semenuk/Watts/Bass show. Here are the full results:
Brandon Semenuk 94.25
Greg Watts 91.75
Paul Basagoitia 88.5
Tyler McCaul 87.0
Sam Duek 84.75
Cam Zink 84.5
Graham Agassiz 79.0
Mike Montgomery 78.25
Kurtis Sorge 78.0
Geoff Gulevich 76.25
Alex Prochazka 73.50
Yannic Granieri 72.5
Eric Lawrenuk 71.0
Mitchell Chubey 70.25
Kelly McGarry 67.75
Andrew Taylor 67.50
Brian Miller 54.50
Eric Porter 53.50

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