The guys at D&E Track and Trail just sent us this info on their new acquisition, the Single Track 240. What is it? Well, it’s a singletrack cutting machine of course, the only one in the Southern Hemisphere right now. Check out the spec on this bad boy…

•  600mm width – This is the only machine currently available with the capability.

of building tracks to 600mm width – this allows tracks to easily be built in and

around trees, in minimal space and with minimum impact on the environment.

•  Remotely operated – The machine requires specialist skills to operate and Cam,

our key operator, ‘drives’ the machine purely by remote.

•  Rock breaking attachment – Allows for track building through the rockiest terrain.

•  Digger/dozer construction – Enables the machine to dig and simultaneously grade the track while operating and

removing loose debris.

•  Lightweight and easily maneuverable – This machine is easily transported to any location and can be maneuvered

in the most challenging terrain.

If you want to know more, email kyle@dne.co.nz


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