Dear Summer,
Hasn’t it been amazing over the last three to four months? I feel like we’ve connected in a way that I didn’t think was possible. Remember the ride we did on New Year’s Eve on the Te Iringa trail out the back of the Kaimanawas? Truly amazing. I think about the backside descent every day, the way I drifted every corner in the deep loose leaf litter. Or do you remember when a group of us stayed in Castle Village Lodge for my best mate’s stag do for the weekend? We rode the Hogs Back at night under a full moon, then the next day we did loops of my favourite trail The Luge. I rode so fast and free that nothing could catch me.

Of course it hasn’t always been perfect…remember when you burned me on that all day ride I did around Wellington? Up and over from Aro Street to Red Rocks and back again. If only I’d had some sun screen! I could have been fine. Or that crash I had in the Mt Vic Super D course, there was so much dust I just couldn’t get traction or see DAMMIT!!

But I can’t blame you for all of that, some of it was my fault. It just seems like you’re quite intense sometimes; why can’t you back off a little every now and then?

It feels like we could go on for ever, but we can’t. I’m not going to patronise you and say something clichéd. So here it is: it’s you and not me. Over the last few weeks or so you’ve been more distant, not as hot and seem to be disappearing. But I’ve found someone new and exciting. She is loose, wet and unforgiving. She also seems to have a dark side when it comes to riding. Her name is Winter, and I think I’d like to try her for a while.

I’m sure in time you will sort yourself and be back. So let this not be a goodbye, but a see you later. For I see Winter as a short-term thing and nothing can beat a Summer fling.


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