Dear Winter,

There is no nice way to say this, so I’ll keep it short; GO AWAY!

I thought leaving Summer for you was going to be exhilarating, wet and loose, but instead I am left shivering, cold and covered in mud.

Sure it was exciting in the beginning; when it was new and I didn’t know what to expect. You kept me honest when riding wet singletrack, if I ever touched my brakes when cornering you certainly had no problems knocking me to the ground. I always remember that day we went out and did the best skids in the mud after it had rained. It was so picturesque up at the park with the snowy caps of the mountains in the background.

You have certainly made me hone my riding skills, but there are only so many chains and cassettes I can wear out and replace, only so many times I can unexpectedly slide out and crash before the novelty of riding in the wet and mud, day after day, or should I say night after night, wears out. Your dark, cold side has lost its appeal, and I dream of escaping you and meeting Summer in the Moab desert for a hot holiday getaway.

I can’t believe I left Summer for you! When will you end and go into the shadows where I will talk about you in a negative way and not look forward to your return in the slightest?

Mountain Biking


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