Dirt Merchants are proud to present the inaugural Dirt Merchants Enduro! It will have three timed stages starting at the Top of Hawkins Hill and finishing in Aro Valley.

But here are five reasons why you should race.
1- All proceeds will go to Brooklyn Trail Builders, so they can fix up the trails after racing….
2- Great spot prizes you actually want, like Evoc, IXS and Maxxis.
3- Garage Project brewery is a sponsor (if you volunteer and help out you might get some for your troubles)
4- It will be the hottest event of the Summer.
5- It will be an opportunity for you to ride as fast as you like down Transient without worrying about a runner coming up the hill with their MP3 player turned up loud so they can’t hear you coming and they freak out when you skid to a stop and then lecture you on how it’s a dual direction track and you should ride slower……

Get in quick and register here before it sells out!!

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