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Hey Mate, can I share a dirty little secret with you? Ever since I saw this video on the internet, I just can’t stop thinking about it. I lie in bed at night dreaming about riding one, owning one and what I would strap… sorry, what bike I would bolt it to.

Imagine going so fast uphill that you need a downhill bike. Or imagine owning a bike that gives you the feeling of a motocross bike on the uphills but then is light enough to be downhilled on your favourite trails. And before you judge and say something about the spirit of mountain biking or some crap like that, isn’t it better to be pedal-assisted to the top of the hill on your downhill bike than driven in a car?

*Nico Vouilloz gives the Lapierre Overvolt a plug…

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  1. I have a rebuttal for this, but it exceeds the word count in this comment section so i’ll respond with two words….Cheating and poaching.

  2. if i dont want to pedal a get a dirt motorbike and experience the real uphill speed. dont get too much the pleasure of this electric hybrid

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