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Here it is. If you’re entered this event you will already have seen the list, but because I’m guessing a bunch of you haven’t you need to check out what you’re missing being a part of.

The messed up thing is though, the name you most want to see on the list isn’t there. James ‘Dodzy” Dodds. As hyped as everyone is to ride these usually closed-to-the-public trails, there’s no forgetting what this event is in remembrance of, and that is Dodzy’s incredible life, and with that in mind I guarantee the vibe this weekend is going to be like no other event.

About that list though! The number of World Cup downhillers has doubled since we last saw it. With the addition of TWR’s rider Neko Mulally, Lapierre’s Loic Bruni and Sam Dale.

The only other thing worth mentioning is why is local favourite Jamie Nicoll racing in Masters 1 and not Open?  I suppose if he wins he still wins right, regardless of category?

Open Women
Amanda Pearce
Amy Laird
Anja McDonald
Anka Martin
Brenda Clapp
Clarie Misson
Gabby Molloy
Helen Spring
Jess Copland
Jo Price
Kate McDougall
Kristen Fellers
Leigh Halkett
Lucy Scott
Megan Rose
Meggie Bichard
Naomi Wilson
Pip Holdom
Rosara Joseph
Sarah Cairns
Shanine Hermsen

Masters Women:
Bridget McMillan
Karla Thurlow
Karolyne Dunn
Mary Jowett
Melanie Blomfield
Pauline Cooper
Pierre Jordan
Tiffany Farnsworth

Open Men:
Sam Blenkinsop
Cam Cole
Wyn Masters
Justin Leov
Sam Dale
Alex Holowko
Neko Mulally
Loic Bruni
Kieren Bennett
Dom Stulen
Leighton Lancaster
Ian Phillipps
Tom Winwood
Leif Christensen
Sam Knowles
Nick Herbert
Aaron Coster
Andre Jaworski
Andy King
Bradley Collins
Brian Buell
Chris Vanderkolk
Dan Andrews
Daryl Webb
Deon Baker
Ethan Glover
Fraser Coates
Glen Buckley
Hamish Bourke
Henry Jaine
Jake Glover
James Shirley
James Rennie
Jeremy Binns
Jonas Meier
Joscha Forstreuter
Leo Sandler
Leroy Crawford-Flett
Luke Donaldson
Max Haggenmueller
Michael Nation
Mike Cowlin
Nicholas Elson
Owen Hughes
Shannon Hewetson
Shaun Kirton
Tane Wilson
Thomas Lindup
Tom McKinlay
Tommy Wilkinson
Tristan Rawlence
Yuki Kushima

Masters 1 Men:
Aaron Young
Andy Reid
Ash Whitehead
Ben Wilde
Boyd Grinstead
Byron Scott
Caleb Smith
Campbell Wilson
Carl Patton
Chris Burr
Colin Robertson
Craig McGinnity
Craig Tolson
Damien Rogers
Daryl Kearns
Dayle McLauchlan
Derek Winwood
Ed Kerly
Gareth Hallam
Hadley Boyce
Hamish Kay
Hayden McKay
Haydn Shore
Jackson Green
Jamie Tilbury
Jamie Coles
Jamie Nicoll
Jarrod Bang
Jason Turner
Jeff Collins
Jeff Carter
Jo Stephens
John Oldale
Karl Paterson
Kurt Lancaster
Laurence Mote
Lester Perry
Malcolm Stoney
Mark Newton
Matt Cole
Matt Russell
Matt Whitaker
Nathan Hickey
Nic Ward
Nicholas Sutcliffe
Nick Ross
Nick Taylor
Nick Christie
Paul Angus
Punter Punter
Richard Goldsbury
Ricky Pincott
Ross Mackay
Sam Grummitt
Scott Fallers
Steve Sollberger
Steve Langford
Stewart Thorp
Tama Easton
Tim Holtrop
Tom Adams
Wesley Burniston
Zane Smith

Masters 2 Men:
Andrew Giles
Andrew Murray
Anthony Edmonds
Ben Thurlow
Brent Hartshorne
Callum Wilson
Chris Mildon
Damon Trenwith
Darren Leslie
Darryn Henderson
Daryl Warnock
David Shelling
Gary Smith
Geoff McAlpine
Glenn Taplin
Gordon Mains
Howie Timms
Ian Chadwick
Ian Goldschmidt
Ian Patterson
Jason Craig
Jeremy Blake
John Dalzell
Jonathan Kennett
Jono Baddiley
Jonty Ritchie
Llyn Powell
Marc Sharman
Mark Jaine
Matt St Amand
Mike Anderson
Mike Stylianou
Mike Whitlam
Nick Dalton
Nick Thurley
Paul Jennings
Paul McNabb
Rick Woodward
Rick Zawodny
Robert Whittle
Rod Bardsley
Rod Sharp
Sean Chan
Simon Bannister
Steve Fox
Steve Shelling
Sven Martin
Tim Prebble
Warwick Styles

Masters 3 Men:
Al Heine
Andrew Scott
Bill Griffin
Budgie Woods
Dave Carlyon
Graham Allan
Jeff Carr
John Wooding
Martin Langley
Matt Cookson
Patrick Murray
Paul McKenzie

Here’s a WynTV clip from last summer showing the trail Bermed As, which will be part of the 3rd Enduro race stage on Sunday

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  1. Open men, is really Senior Men. There are category winners and then an overall winner. The fastest thirty or so from across categories will shuttle in the last group to make it fairer for all overall title contenders. Everyone else will be random. Its a fun a event, with a competitive edge… Its the spot prizes that everyones after anyway aye? Bring some cash for the coffee cart, ain’t no place to swipe your card where your going…..

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