Holy Shit! Seriously this has to be the most stacked varied and exciting race entry lists ever. It might only hit home for Kiwis but the majority of people entered in the James Dodds memorial are  legends in their own lifetimes. I mean just look at it, World Cup Pro Downhillers Cam Cole, Sam Blenkinsop and Kieran Bennett. Dudes that could have been World Cup downhillers and are now all-mountain shredders like Byron Scott, Craig “Cowboy” McGinity, Derek and Tom Winwood, James Rennie. Dudes that are just famous like Sven Martin, Rod Bardsley and Ricky Pincott. Then you have proven Enduro athletes like Jamie Nicoll, Anka Martin and Kurt Lancaster (who are all Nelson locals as well).

And you can’t forget that rare bred of XC racer and ex-XC racer that can absolutely destroy trails, like Andy Reid, Laurence Mote, Ethan Glover, Ed Crossling and Jonty Ritchie.

Then there’s the riders who defy categories: the likes of Lester Perry, Banger, Richie Goldsbury and Amy Laird…

Although it looks like those from the deep south haven’t signed up? No Tom Lamb, no Kashi, no Justin Leov, no Ginger Si, no Tom Hey, no Kelly McGarry, no Jarna, no Pete Miller, no T Man… C’mon southerners, step up!

Entry info can be found here

With only 66 entries left available this event is going to be ridiculous. There’s:

Al Heine
Amanda Pearce
Amy Laird
Andre Jaworski
Andrew Murray
Andrew Scott
Andy Reid
Anka Martin
Anthony Edmonds
Ash Whitehead
Ben Thurlow
Ben Wilde
Boyd Grinstead
Bradley Collins
Brenda Clapp
Brent Hartshorne
Budgie Woods
Byron Scott
Callum Wilson
Caleb Smith
Cam Cole
Campbell Wilson
Carl Patton
Chris Burr
Chris Mildon
Chris Vanderkolk
Clarie Misson
Craig McGinnity
Damien Rogers
Damon Trenwith
Dan Andrews
Darren Leslie
Daryl Warnock
David Shelling
Deon Baker
Derek Winwood
Dom Stulen
Ed Kerly
Edwin Crossling
Ethan Glover
Fraser Coates
gareth hallam
Gary Smith
Geoff McAlpine
Glenn Taplin
Hamish Bourke
Hamish Kay
Hayden McKay
Haydn Shore
Helen Spring
Henry Jaine
Howie Timms
Ian Chadwick
Ian Patterson
James Rennie
Jamie Coles
Jamie Nicoll
Jarrod Bang
Jason Craig
Jason Turner
Jeff Collins
Jeremy Blake
Jo Price
Jo Stephens
John Dalzell
John Oldale
John Wooding
Jonathan Kennett
Jono Baddiley
Jonty Ritchie
Karl Paterson
Karla Thurlow
Kate McDougall
Kelvin Brown
Kieran Bennett
kurt lancaaster
Laurence Mote
Leif Christensen
Leigh Halkett
Leighton Lancaster
Lester Perry
Lyn Powell
Luke Donaldson
Malcolm Stoney
Marc Sharman
Mark Jaine
Martin Langley
Matt Cole
Matt Cookson
Matt Russell
Matt St Amand
Matt Whitaker
Meggie Bichard
Melanie blomfield
Mike Anderson
Mike Cowlin
Mike Stylianou
Nathan Hickey
Nathon Sharratt
Nic Ward
Nicholas Elson
Nicholas Sutcliffe
Nick Christie
Nick Dalton
Nick Ross
Nick Taylor
Owen Hughes
Patrick Murray
Paul Angus
Paul Jennings
Paul McNabb
Pierre Jordan
Pip Holdom
Reon Boe
Richard Goldsbury
Rick Woodward
Rick Zawodny
Ricky Pincott
Robert Whittle
Rod Bardsley
Rod Sharp
Sam Blenkinsop
Sam Dale
Sean Chan
Shaun Kirton
Simon Bannister
Steve Fox
Steve Langford
Steve Shelling
Stewart Thorp
Sven Martin
Tama Easton
Tane Wilson
Thomas Marchant
Tiffany Farnsworth
Tim Prebble
Tom Adams
Tom McKinlay
Tom Winwood
Warwick Styles
Yuki Kushima
Zane Smith

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  1. Err Ricky I feel that it must be my turn for a road trip?You don’t mind staying behind to mind the shop for this one do you? 😉

  2. Hey Guys! Not from around these parts and do not have a Kiwi banking account. Stoked to enter this race, who can I contact to figure out payment? Appreciate the help.

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