Drones are pretty common things these days. You’ll see them hovering around at most races and it’s not a film shoot now without a Phantom II hovering above you. Well, this drone that’s up on Kickstarter right now takes all that’s good about every other drone on the market and then goes and ups the anté even more. How? Well the thing comes with a wrist locator (with a stronger signal than a smartphone) which the drone follows automatically. You just set the height and distance and start riding and it follows. It even comes with a gyro stabilising gimbal for super smooth footage. There’s not really much point in me going into too much more detail as the Kickstarter page has pretty much every answer to questions you haven’t even thought you needed to ask yet.bc1ecdb8d5f2fca6cb4a02eecb82fa45_largef9c1ff765b9b28313a42fa3894625e72_large




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