It’s been a week of Fed-Ex deliveries for me. I’ve been upgrading camera gear and have had a bunch of Fed-Ex boxes show up, but in the middle of my deliveries this slightly larger box arrived. I ripped into it and found a pair of sweet DZR GMT-8 shoes from Strykartrade in Aussie, and they just happened to be size 46 (what a coincidence). DZR shoes have been on the scene for a little while now, turning a few heads at Interbike last year with their mix of street style and cycle functionality.

There are four shoes in the lineup, two low tops and two high tops, and all feature the same variable-flex nylon inner shank for stiffness. I’ve been wearing these guys around a bit over the last couple of days and I must say they are stiffer than they look and on the pedals they feel sweet with pretty good power transfer (way better than a pair of skate shoes in a cage) and they are still flexi enough to walk around in too.  As you can see from the photos the are also SPD compatible!!! I’m yet to cut the sole out and put cleats in but I’ll let you know how it goes when I do. If you change your mind they also come with some nice rubber inserts to bolt back in place. You can check out the full range here on the DZR website and if you can’t wait for them to be sold here and want a pair flown across the ditch hit up Colin at Strykartrade here. I’ll be dropping a more in depth review at a later date.

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