To most Internet trolls there are two things that stand out about these wheels: the fact that they’re plastic and the fact that they cost $4300 for a set. These two standout facts have produced a barrage of opinion. So how do these wheels stand up to the real wild world of riding?
The front wheels come in 9 mm, 15 mm, and 20 mm sizes, and the rear wheels come in 10 mm and 12 mm. Front and rear are sold separately, so you can have any combination you like. I took possession of a set of these wheels seventeen weeks ago, and as I sit here writing this the wheels are as straight as the day I pulled them out of the box. At only 1.45 kg per pair they are lightweight, long range, heavy hitting bombers. I have cased jumps, rattled through square-edged rock gardens, and drunkenly ridden into curbs. Even with this reckless assault upon the wheels they remain as reliable and round as the moon’s orbit. After a month, my rear hub developed a little play, but this was quickly solved with a spanner turn. More recently, the rear hub felt a little bit gritty. No spoke work has been required whatsoever.
The ballistic grade carbon rims hold up to abuse. My final test will be aiming a couple of rounds at them come stag season. Easton backs these wheels up with a two year, no-questions-asked insurance policy, so if you do manage to mangle them in a lump hammer incident, or by dropping the bike off the roof rack at highway speeds, then a new pair will spin their way back to you.
These wheels have been stiff and durable, they hold tyres well, they’re light and they make me a better lover. They may be expensive, but they might be the final word in wheels. I’ll keep you posted. SEB KEMP

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