You know when you’re onto a good piece of kit. It’ll be the first thing you look for when you are getting ready to ride, and if you can’t find it you’ll be digging it out of the wash and giving a quick sniff-test to make sure you won’t be grossing out your riding partners too much. If it’s really good stuff, you won’t really care about their sensitive noses.
This is how I felt about the Endura Singletrack shorts.
My former favourites would get pushed to one side (not while I was wearing them) and the Enduras would always be slipped on over my choice of padded shorts for the day. Having the choice of liner you want to wear is good, as you can have your faves there too… but the option of an included liner, if it’s top quality, can be a welcome addition, especially if it’s removable, allowing you to get the funk away from your junk for comfortable post-ride chilling. And the Singletracks look good enough to save you from a beating in the pub nearest to the trails if it also happens to be the local Hell’s Angels haunt.
Ok, so they look good, feel good, and work good. But why? Well, the shell is tough (double and triple stitching) but light (water-resistant Cordura fabric), and don’t feel like they’re too baggy or going to snag on your saddle (Teflon treated, smooth crotch fabric). The length of the legs is just right, and don’t prohibit hard pedalling, or feel like they want to grab your knee on every revolution. There are plenty of pockets; I’m not sure why we need to stash stuff in shorts when riding, but if you do, they’re there. In fact, the pockets cost me a phone; after a particularly muddy night ride, and desperately wanting to wear them again the next day, I threw them straight into the wash without emptying them first. Result; one drowned mobile, but one comfortable, happy butt the next day.
Shorts so good, I was happy to shell out for a new phone. Nice one Endura.


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