Makara enduro

Makara enduro

In ‘enduro-golf’, a burgeoning new discipline which has the plus-four shod bike designers trembling in anticipation, several enduro style tracks are secretly set before the race. Each track has a par time (kind of like golf), and riders choose which tracks they want to ride. Their time, which gets them their placing, is based on their combined time above (or below) par. This means that we can put in really easy tracks for beginner-intermediates, and super-gnar for the intermediate-beginners (or even pros).

It also introduces a tactical element to get the Strava geeks working hard. For this event, we’re going to set five tracks up at Makara Peak bike park, ranging from easy to Extreme! Riders can choose to do any three (adult) or two (kids and lazy adults) stages. Stages will be a mix of familiar tracks, less familiar tracks, and a few surprises no-one should have ridden before…

We’re not organising an epic, this is a new spin on mates’ racing. Less of the egos and more of the good times. Timing will be lo-fi, with marshals at the top but riders recording their own finish times at the bottom from special clocks (special as in a dick-smith kitchen timer kind of special). Cheaters just cheat themselves. Riders will have three hours to bag their tracks and get back to event HQ (mud cycles). As riders trickle back in the leaderboard will start to take shape, and the free beer from Panhead brewery and chocolate from Whittakers will actively encourage early returns.

The event will be $20 (or $5 for under 13s), with all profits going to Makara Peak Supporters.  The aim is to be carnage neutral, so the park gets funds to repair any wear on the tracks, and everyone goes out and has a good wintry ride.  Riders registration from 8.00 to 9.00 at Mud Cycles, 421 Karori Rd, Karori.  More info on the facebook page.  Huge thanks to all our supporters Makara Peak MTB Park Supporters, Mud Cycles, Wellington Mountain Bike Club, SPOKE magazine, Whittakers, Panhead brewery, Maxxis, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Adrenaline NZ MTB.

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