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Enduro, it’s so hot right now, and I’m all over it, how can you not be? I got the 140mm travel trail bike, I got the dropper seatpost and I got the attitude to match, it’s all about Enduring. Although sometimes I want to Enduro sooo bad, and I’m not in the mood, how does one get in the mood? If I wanted to get my girlfriend in the mood I could light some candles and draw a romantic bath, but that’s not really what I’m after, maybe I could do that after a day of hard Enduring to rest my tight, toned, aching muscles…

Then the other day after a shitty day at work, I realised in the car with the radio turned up loud that music has the power to change a mood and that’s what started me to wonder; does Enduro have a genre of music and if it does what genre would it be? Downhill has hard rock, dirt jumpers have old school hip hop, freeriders have that pop techno crap and trail riding has “Mumford and Sons”. The best way to describe Enduro, would be if you combined downhill and trail riding, but the idea of listening to a heavier version of “Mumford and Sons” leaves me sick; I haven’t broken up with my girlfriend and my dog hasn’t died, I need something to match my Enduro mood, it’s time for action and I want to win. Then this new EP called “Cash” by Merc Swazey and Nettsmoney came across my Facebook screen and I got excited, very excited.

On the first listen of “Cash” I thought the beats were instantly something special they are very clean and polished. Even though it’s Nettsmoneys’ first EP with Merc Swazey, it’s very evident that he isn’t here to mess about and creates a professional sound that could be considered very rare on an underground album. He has the ability to chop up the beats, blend them with the lyrics and create a flawless sound that get you hyped up to go Enduring… Right Now! Some beats are flowy and smooth like a bermy trail while others are a little hectic like a rock garden. This is the backbone to an Enduro EP.

The lyrics by Merc Swazey are simply; pure genius. He has the ability to mix it up with a lazy flow on some tracks but then speed it up on others. The subject matter is generally lighthearted and satirical but at times you get the feeling there is more going on in the background which leaves you thinking. Where the genius truly lies is in the repetitive nature of the choruses. This is what you will be singing when you are racing down the hill. Many times since listening to “Cash” I have been the “Moooost Breeezy” and you will never forget “Swazey, Swazey, Swazey, Swazey, Swazey, Swazey.” It’s funny how letting your mind be a little distracted can help you relax and in turn help you ride faster.

So what makes this EP Enduro music? Well, all of it. The beats get you pumped and ready to ride. And the lyrics give you something to sing and think about while ripping down the trail. The best thing about listening to “Cash” while you are Enduring is that once you have finished and you are at the after-party counting all your Cash and Swag from winning the Enduro, is you can turn “Cash” back on the stereo super loud and party all night long and relive the day. “Cash” by Merc Swazey and Nettsmoney gets a six out five, just like my Enduring prowess.

Download it here for free (just put $0.00 as your price)

On iTunes

Or Spotify and Xbox live.

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  1. I would rather wear 23 fluro bumbags at once. I think I’m going to go back to being all mountain, I imagine they listen to proper music. Like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, ya’know – proper music.Enduro’s so this year, I need to get out in front of the game

      1. Exactly young man!! Respect your elders, cos, ummm, errr, just cos!I believe your bro’s moosic would work better for dirt jumpers. Cos remember, most enduro riders are washed up old downhillers and XC’rs. Grey power FTW

    1. I generally believe that this new style of music is perfect for the latest formate of riding Enduro. I was enduring up a storm the other day listening to this ep and shaved minutes off my time.

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