So I’ve been running e*thirteen’s dual width Guidering M for a few months now and have been blown away with the performance (weight, stiffness and retention) and if you read my review in issue 54 you’ll already know that. Well this interesting little press release showed up today with a bit of a Q and A with the folks at e*thirteen and pretty much answers all the questions you could possibly have.

Andrew_taylor*Photo: Long Nguyen e*thirteen Rider: Andrew Taylor (showing how the big kids do it!)

Q: How does the ring work?
A:  Maximum tooth width and height (1) engage the inside plates of your chain securely. You can pedal through the rough stuff without fear.

m_ring3Precision tooth chamfers (2) facilitate chain engagement even at extreme chain angles. Your chain will stay put no matter what gear you are pushing. This is a feature unique to the Guidering M.

Q: What type of riding is the Guidering M meant for?
A: The Guidering M will benefit any bike that runs a single ring. It provides additional chain retention without any drawbacks. We use them on our Enduro, DH, XC…..well….all of our bikes.

Q: Do I still need to run a chainguide?
A: We still recommend at least an XCX style guide with upper plastics. When new, an 11spd. system with a Guidering M can do quite an amazing job of retaining the chain. However, riding style (read: SUPER-aggressive), chain wear/stretch, ring wear, and rear derailleur clutch friction deterioration can decrease your level of retention.

Q: Can I use a Guidering M on my double/triple crankset?
A: Guiderings are designed to be run as a single front chainring. As a result they do not have shift features that will allow your chain to move from one ring to the other. While they will fit on most 104mm BCD cranks they are only intended for single front ring use.

2013.Ashland.8_9_*photo: Long Nguyen  e*thirteen athlete: Jill Kintner (crushing it in Ashland, OR!)

Q: Can I install a 104 BCD Guidering M on a non-e*thirteen crankset?
A: We designed and optimized the chainline to work best on e*thirteen single ring cranks with an 11spd. chainline, but the 104bcd version will fit up fine to any 104 bcd crankset without inner chainring tabs**.
**Direct Mount Integrated Guidering M Rings feature an e*thirteen specific spline and are only suitable for e*thirteen cranks.

Q: Why don’t you guys make a 104bcd 30T?
A: To fit on a 104bcd crank spider, a 30T rings need to be extremely thin and the chainline must be offset outside 11spd. guidelines.

As an engineering based company we don’t feel that this is a good solution. It affects shifting performance and the integrity of the ring. We offer an Integrated Direct Mount Guidering M for those wishing to run 30t or even a 28t. All you need is any TRS level crank!

Q: Can I run a Guidering M on an 8, 9, or 10spd. drivetrain?
A: The Guidering M was designed to deliver the best chain retention with an 11spd. drivetrain, but still exhibits retention on other drivetrains. The fewer the gears on your cassette, the wider your chain, and the less benefit you will see from the rings.
Note: shifting performance will be best on 11spd due to the chainline these rings were designed for.


Maximum tooth width and height to engage the chain securely.
Precision tooth chamfers facilitate chain engagement even at extreme chain angles.
Long Wearing Dual Width Design
Compatible with all XCX, TRS, and LG1 Single Chainguides (except seat tube mount and guides mounted with adapters)
Available in e*thirteen Direct Mount (28-38t) – Fits all TRS cranksets
8, 9, 10, and 11 spd. compatible (best with 10/11spd.)
Colors: Blackout only
Intended use: any MTB discipline

Coming soon: Guidering M 104 BCD!

Adjustable chainline for the perfect shifting (49/50mm)
Compatible with all TRS, XCX, and LG1 Single Chainguides
Available in 104 BCD (32-38t) – Fits all 104 BCD cranksets
8, 9, 10, and 11 spd. compatible (best with 10/11spd.)
Colors: Blackout and Red
Intended use: any MTB discipline
E*thirteen and the Hive design and manufacture class-leading wheels, pedals, cranksets, chainrings, bottom brackets, drivetrain protection, and chain retention products for discerning cyclists worldwide. For further information contact email

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