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wide open product 2013-1591 copyEzigrip have just tweaked their website and updated the ease with which you can find products as well as retailers. Here at Spoke, we’ve been big fans of the folding modular prong rack and until the below press release showed up I didn’t even realise they made an outrigger version of the two pronged rack… The building of the national cycleway, the establishment of new or improved mountain bike areas and the recent cycling success at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow have all combined to boost the popularity of two wheeling.

And with the arrival of warmer weather expected to put even more people in the saddle, Best Bars Ltd, is all set to ensure the varied requirements of cyclists are met. “The days of a one-size-fits-all bike rack are long gone,” says John Frear, General Manager of Sales & Marketing for Best Bars Limited, which markets the EziGrip and Advantage bike rack ranges. “Just as there are many types of bikes that people can choose from, to suit their particular demands and budget, we have developed a wide range of racks that will match their individual requirements and even the vehicles they drive.”

The EziGrip Modular Series is arguably one of the best engineered racks on the market thanks to its design-led style and features. EziGrip pioneered modular design, which makes fitting and transporting almost any make or model of bike – or bikes – incredibly easy. The full array of modular bottom sockets enables them to be adapted to suit virtually all vehicle types with a towbar fitted, and they are available in 2 & 4-bike folding hanger options. No more need for separate racks for different vehicles.wide open product 2013-1589

There’s even an EziGrip option that allows easy access to the lifting rear door of a hatch/wagon, SUV or a ute drop-down tailgate without having to remove the bikes and/or rack. Designed specifically for vehicles with a square hitch receiver towbar, the EziGrip Outrigger swings the rack and bike/s away from the vehicle to provide access to the interior when the rack is in use.

Complementing the premium EziGrip racks is the Advantage Series, designed for families and social riders looking for an entry-level product that fits within their budget. The Advantage racks combine many of the features found in the EziGrip Series, including folding arms for easy storage, along with a unique cradle and upturned ends, offering greater protection compared to some towbar-mounted racks.
Motorists who do not have a towbar to accept one of these fittings are also catered for, with a rack that is designed to mount on a hatch tailgate or boot lid of a sedan. These trunk mount EziGrip racks can carry up to 3 bikes.

A full range of accessories is available to complement the bike racks, including the EziGrip Plate/Light Board that ensures drivers adhere to the regulations governing number plate and brake light visibility while on the road and carrying bikes. There’s also a separate lighting kit for those who drive at night or may have their indicators obscured by bikes when carried on the racks.

The EziGrip range has been designed and manufactured especially for NZ conditions for more than 25 years. All EziGrip and Advantage products are available through leading cycle stores New Zealand-wide and more further information can be viewed on www.ezigrip.co.nz or by calling 0800 BEST BARS.

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