Ground Effects Juggernauts have been my go-to shorts since they first came on the scene. The last time they were updated to the Bitter Brown non-tramper looking short I didn’t think they could get much better. Well the 2013 pair I’ve been wearing for the last few weeks has proved that they could. From an aesthetic standpoint, the cool little contrast stitching touches add a tiny bit of flair and liven up the shorts. But it’s the new waist cinch straps that are the most welcome addition.

After wearing the previous model solidly for the last year, the only fault I could ever find was that when wet (I’m talking really wet) the rear stretch panel couldn’t hold the shorts up and they would inevitably drop. Well the new Velcro tabs have seen an end to that. I’ve already ridden them in some nasty weather and the cinch straps hold them perfectly in place. They are nice and big and easy to grab and adjust even in gloved hands.

I’m pretty sure that the rear yolk stretch panel has also been changed with some fancy new super stretch one way fabric. They aren’t major changes but when the short wasn’t really broken there isn’t much point in messing with a good thing. You can buy Ground Effect stuff online right here. And from past experience you can order it right up to 4pm and still have it on your doorstep the next day!


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