I really don’t know how Charge do it, but somehow they can make a saddle sexy and the new Scoop is no exception. It’s available in eight colours and is based around a highly-flexible, one-piece base with a super-light foam top, encased with a durable and waterproof microfibre cover. This one arrived a couple of days ago for us to test (in the December issue) and we liked it so much we thought you would too, so have added them to the Spoke webstore for a limited time. Your local shop should have them in stock now as well.

They are available with either lightweight chromoly for $89.90 (in a huge range of colours) or super-lightweight titanium rails for $119.90 (in Black, Black/White, White, White/Black). The Ti version weighs in at at 245g. You can check out the full range of colours here.



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