Race Face have been upping the components game big time recently, with a slew of hot new bits that look fantastic and back it up with killer performance. We got to check out the new SixC Cinch cranks, but unfortunately didn’t get to whisk them away and onto a bike. I did however get to adorn the front end of my bike with the SixC bars and and Atlas stem.

The SixC low riser carbon bar uses the 35mm clamp diameter. I was running Caleb’s Easton 35s for a time while waiting for these and I became a fan of the bigger clamping area. It allows a lighter, wider bar with enough strength to support the extra wide numbers that are becoming the norm.


The bar comes in at 800mm wide, which proved a bit too much for me, as I have shoulders like a brown snake. I chopped that sucker down using the graduated markings on the bar, a cool touch and makes it harder to stuff it up. I used the 12.5 markers, meaning my bar is now 775mm wide, which is a pretty sweet spot for me. And I saved 6 grams! Weight weenie heaven. **Update: Kris from KRD tells us that the bars’ graphics have been updated to match the cranks, and there will be a host of colours available in November.


The numbers are right there for you to see: 10mm rise, 8º backsweep, 5º upsweep and weighs in at a svelte 210 grams (less the 6g I chopped off!).


Completing the cockpit is the Atlas 35 stem. These come in three lengths: 35, 50 and 65mm. Being middle of the road, I chose the 50mm. The graphics may not be everybody’s cup of cha, but we’re digging them here. See the wavy-looking faceplate interface there, that helps to eliminate stress risers that can weaken the bar, and the degree markers help you get the right position, handy if you’re travelling or take your bar off frequently.


How could you not love that face (plate). The 50mm weighs in at 165g and all the stems are 0º rise.


These cranks are drool-worthy, and keeping them away from Rod was a mission in itself. I don’t know how many times we heard “who’s testing those?” or “have they gotta go back?” We loved the Next cranks we looked at here, and these ones are just as hot.


Like a beefed-up version of the Next, the SixC uses Race Face’s Cinch spline interface, hollow carbon arms and 30mm alloy spindle. They also come with the rubber end caps that protect the cranks from garkage, but we forgot to photograph those.


You can mount your ring(s) either directly or with a removable spider, allowing single or double-ring setups, with or without a bash ring. Check out how the Cinch system works here…  **Update: The Cinch direct-mount chainrings also come in blue, red (available now) and green (later).


Super strong and light, that’s what we like. DH rated, perfect for any type of riding, whatever you want to call it. **Update: The 73mm cranks are available from KRD right now, and the 83mm version will be available early October. The BMX version should be in the same shipment.


We’ll be hanging out for KRD to get some more stock of these in, and bringing you a review when we stage the Greco-Roman wrestling tournament for dibs on whose bike they’ll be on.

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