A while back we brought you news of Scott’s new trail/AM styled helmet, the Stego. Caleb brought one back from the Scott launch in Switzerland, and was impressed by its fit and features, including the MIPS liner. Now, the non-MIPS version of the helmet, the Mythic, has hit our shores, and we made sure that we got our hands on one for a test…


The Mythic is exactly the same helmet as the Stego, except for the aforementioned MIPS liner… for a detailed explanation of how it works, check out the video. For NZ, only the Mythic is offered at this stage, and surprisingly only in one colour and one size; if you don’t like matte black and have a small or large head, you’re out of luck. There are three other colours shown on the Scott site, including buzzword-favourites blue and orange, so hopefully the local distributor will add them sooner rather than later. Luckily for me, I have a medium-sized head and I like black.


The styling of the Mythic is pretty understated, with a nice low profile that doesn’t look too bulky when on. The fit is perfect for my head shape, and felt comfortable straight away. Adjustment is via the MRAS II system, a harness and dial system that can be adjusted for three different heights, and the dial is easy to use with one hand while riding. The straps connect directly to the shell and sit wide off the face, making a solid anchor point but rendering eyewear non-Rule 37 compatible. The flat top allows for easy mounting of camera or lights, a nice touch. Rear coverage is substantial and on or above par with most other helmets in its category.


A problem with a lot of helmets for me is sweat absorption, as having no hair to soak it up means the minimal padding in some helmets causes a flow rather than a drip of salty liquid into my eyes… some helmets’ padding have channels which exacerbates the problem even more. The Mythic’s padding, while still minimal, at least wraps around the brow of the helmet, and keeps the sweat flow down quite a bit, but not completely. With so much surface area to work with, helmet makers could well afford to look at increasing padding rather than reducing it as seems to be the case. The large vents and internal channeling provides great airflow over the noggin and allows quick drying, making the Mythic one of the best I’ve tried in this regard.

The Mythic retails for $199 and is available now…


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