238260Yesterday we showed you the new 27.5 Scott Gambler, and today the updates continue. First up is the Genius LT 700 Tuned. Now this bike wasn’t even available in New Zealand last year (well it was on special indent) but I don’t think anyone at all chose to stock it, which was kind of weird seeing as it’s the business and is Scott’s flagship model  (you can check out our hands-on, in-depth look at it from last year here). Anyhow it will definitely be on shop floors in Aussie and New Zealand this year with its Fox Nude shock and all.
GENIUS-LT-700-TUNED-4There are a few other changes from last year’s model though, the biggest one being a shift to Fox 36s up front over last year’s Fox 34. Travel is still at 170mm and the fork still features remote CTD adjustments via the TwinLoc lever.
GENIUS-LT-700-TUNED-11In addition to the Geo flip-chip from last year (which lowers the BB as well as slackens the head angle) the Genius LT will also now come with a Syncros angle adjustable headset that lets you add or increase the head angle by 0.7º. Oh and there is now a guide for the 1x at the front.

Genius-LT_Action-Image_2015_BIKE_SCOTT-Sports_19Scott will also be bringing in the standard CTD equipped models the 710 (pictured above) and the 720, both models feature the TwinLoc lever which is essentially a remote for a standard CTD shock whereas on the Tuned model it actually reduces the bikes travel from 170 to 135 and to locked out. Aussie prices are AUD$8995.95 for the Genius LT 700 and AUD$5995.95 for the 710.



But if you like your bikes served up with a little less travel, then this new Scott Spark Ultimate is going to get you excited, although at AUD$12,999.95 your bank manager or partner might not be as thrilled. Why is it that much? Well it is also going by the moniker E Spark and the E stands for electric. It’s not a pedal assisted bike mind you, just everything else on the bike is. Spark-700-Ultimated_Close-up-Image_2015_BIKE_SCOTT-Sports_08


It is spec’d with XTR Di2 and as you’ll see in the photos its Fox Tuned CTD shock is also activated electronically via a stealth switch on the bar. The biggest gripe people seem to have with the Spark and Genius is just how cluttered the bars are, but this Spark is tidy (I know it comes with a hefty price though). Even the battery is hidden in the bike’s top tube!Spark-700-Ultimated_Close-up-Image_2015_BIKE_SCOTT-Sports_10Spark-700-Ultimated_Close-up-Image_2015_BIKE_SCOTT-Sports_03We gave you the full rundown on Shimano’s new XTR Di2 a few weeks back over here, but if you can’t be bothered clicking that link it’s an electronically controlled 2×11 speed (11-40) setup.  Spark-700-Ultimated_Close-up-Image_2015_BIKE_SCOTT-Sports_04 Ignore the decals on this shock, the Spark Ultimate features Fox’s eNude shock, with the 120/85/climb changes being switched electronically via that little box there. Excited?

If money was no object would you consider buying a bike with electronically controlled drivetrain and suspension?


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