spank-1797We’ve just received a set of these very saucy looking ‘Spank Spike 28 Race Enduro’ wheels from the crew over at Marleen Distributors. These days the buzz around wheels seems to be all about composites. So much so that it’s actually refreshing to see a well thought through and cleanly executed alloy wheelset roll through the door (rather than just another carbon copy). On the face of it, the Spikes seem to offer good value, competitive features, and promising performance. We’ll be spending the rest of the winter on them, to see whether this is the case.

The ‘Spike 28 Race Enduro’ wheels are intended to be able to take a bit more abuse than more trail/all mountain orientated offerings, while still maintaining a pretty respectable overall weight. They may look pretty simple, but Spank have incorporated some clever features and sensible design details that are worth noting (and that we’ll elaborate on a little more in our review):


Did we mention that the Spikes are handbuilt by Jane? Possibly the most important thing to consider when choosing a quality wheelset.


28 spokes. That’s a fairly low count for a wheel designed to take some abuse. We’re keen to see how straight these wheels are after a winter of hard riding and the occasional race.



We shod the Spikes with these pretty sharp looking new Onza Ibex 2.4 tyres for a bulletproof combination. You can check the previous post for the rundown on these impressive looking tyres.


The Spikes are tubeless ready and the ‘OohBah’ bead profile is designed to really lock the tire in place and reduce the likelihood of flatulence.


Straight pull spokes are not only a better solution in terms of strength and durability, they also look pretty sweet.


And of course the all important adaptability. You’d be crazy to invest in a set of wheels these days that weren’t designed to be able to be adapted to the various axle/hub standards.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on the magazine for our thoughts and experiences aboard the ‘Spike 28 Race Enduro’.

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