untitled-5219Urge Helmets have been around for a while now and no doubt you will have seen a few out on the trails. I’ve always liked the way they look on other people but when i’ve tried them on, I haven’t been quite able to pull it off. The All M (All Mountain) is another in a line of helmets that looks dorky on me and not so dorky on others. Given Urge’s birthplace right in the heart of Enduro they know that this isn’t an Enduro lid, it’s an All Mountain lid designed for a bit of everything. It’s got the low rear coverage of other helmets in its class, but its massive vents give it XC air flow, and our bald headed tester is already exclaiming just how cool things are up top!
urge-allm-topAs with most Urge helmets there’s no spinning dial for fit, just a nicely shaped helmet and some well thought out straps that cross over on the back of the neck saving the need for a fancy adjustment system and saving weight. The All M visor has been slimmed down to save weight as well, and the finished helmet weighs in at 305 grams! As you can see in the above picture the massive vents are reinforced with plastic tubes to ensure the All M passes strict CE1078 certification.

urge-allm-insideDespite its simplicity, both small heads in the Spoke HQ that tried on the ALL M were pleasantly surprised at the fit and the simple strap’s firm retention.


And as with a number of other Urge helmets the All M comes with a second set of pads for different shaped heads.

We will be reviewing the All M in our February issue, if you can’t wait until then you should be able to check one out yourself at any good bike store, or they will be able to get one in for you. To find stockists near you check this link and be ready to part with $199.

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  1. Bald ? I managed to sneak this out of the office so became the official tester and so far i am loving this lid. 4 different pads with 2 thicknessess to mix and match, I wasn’t convinced it would fit well and stay in place, but during my first ride i realised that i had forgotten i was wearing it which is a good sign. VERY light and therefore doesnt move around at all even during high speed “choppy” root infested descents. Air flow is great and pads are very absorbent….and the hole in the visor gives me ample warning of attacking magpies and B52 bombers coming in out of the sun.

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