It’s taken a while but after announcing the Volt saddle a few months back one has finally arrived in the office. It’s the 220gram SLT model, the T being for titanium rails. There’s not too much you can say about a saddle really (Weir says it all below anyway). But the fact of the matter is WTB know how to make them and their classic Silverado would easily be one of the most commonly raced and used saddles out there. I for one haven’t run anything but a Sliverado for the last three years. Well, until now. With Weir, Moeschler and Jerome Clementz making the switch to WTB’s newest saddle, the Volt, I decided it was time for a bit of a change.

The Volt features WTB’s “Whale-Tail” design, which allows riders to push back and gain leverage when climbing, coupled with WTB’s proprietary Love Channel and Comfort Zone technology.

The saddles will be here in December. Retail for the SLT will be around the $200 mark, the Team will be $175, the Pro $110 and the Race around $65. I’m sure your local shop will let you place a pre-order if you’re so inclined.

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