There’s a new Manuka honey-based energy product hitting the stores about now, and a few bars and a protein drink turned up at Spoke HQ. So being the performance enhancer type dude at the office, I jammed as much in my new pink Enduro fanny pack as I could and hit the trails.

There is a muesli-type Energy Bar with roasted cashews, organic apricots, sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds with coconut oil, almonds and of course Manuka honey. It’s a deliciously chewy bar that gives a boost of instant energy as well as  sustained release. Tastes great, gives you energy, what more do you want? Well on one ride I wanted more as I had pretty much hit the wall while riding at my usual dinner time and this is where the Manuka Energy Cells stepped up to the plate. It looks like a bar on the outside, but open the wrapper and you get what looks like a block of chocolate with bite size segments, but it is a rich, transparent gold colour and gives an instant hit of power, due to the 33% Manuka honey content among other things.


What about the protein shake? Well, it’s always hard to comment on the performance of such products but it has the good stuff. 39% whey protein, skim milk, honey, soy etc. And it tastes good, is thin like a drink, not thick like a shake and has about 44% of both protein and carbs, so a great post-ride drink. The taste of honey is prevalent in these three products, but not overpowering. I’m not a huge honey fan, but I quite liked the taste and the Bars and Cells are all natural with no added colours, flavours, sugar or preservatives, and are GM-, gluten- and dairy-free.


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  1. ….and where Rodfather do I buy such an awesome carry-all as the ‘pink Enduro fanny pack’?…..sounds so ‘now’ right now that I just have to have one. I’m sold on the thought that it will make me a better ‘Enduro’ rider…..

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