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Okay so I don’t want to offend anyone but I think every human alive (except for the ones into this sport) will agree with me by calling it retarded. There is no other word (well there might be) that can describe what’s taking place in this video. It should lighten up your Wednesday morning anyway. The funniest thing about it all is that it’s UCI sanctioned!

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  1. dude that is the UCI offical version of bike soccer, and bike soccer is the greatest team sport I’ve ever played. I guess that shows why the competion arms of our sport are so far from what the actual sport is.The UCI also have cycle ballet? or something, google 2 girls 1 bike, and a mad skills video should turn up, probably showing the results of pushy parents…

  2. shut up man, why retarded? did you see the most fingers up in youtube channel and agree? be yourself and dont copy another. i would call this pure ability, and there are much rivalry here.

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