Jason First is probably not a name many of you know, but chances are you’ve seen some of his handywork at some point. Jason is one of the marketing gurus behind Crank Brothers.

Jason shreds on the bike and is a bit of an all-rounder, and after my one ride with him I can attest to the fact that he’s pretty darn fit too!

Here’s Frankly Thursday with Jason First…


How old are you? 27 years, can’t believe it

Where do you live? Laguna Beach, CA

Who makes your riding possible? My selfish desire to ride bikes a lot

First bike? Royce-Union BMX

Best thing about traveling around the world riding your bike? Discovering, learning, improving, seeing, meeting, and experiencing new things

Best spot in the world to ride? British Columbia, Canada

What can’t you travel without? Credit card to bail me out

What can you not live without? Adrenaline and purpose

What’s your day job? Marketing with Crank Brothers

What motivates you to get out of bed and go to work each day? Being part of a great team


What are your plans for the Northern Hemisphere summer? Driving the Crank Brothers vehicle all over Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Utah, and California visiting bike shops, riding new trails, and stokin people out.

What’s wrong with mountain biking? We still have a long way to go with land usage and access, trail and park building, commercialising the sport/lifestyle, and providing a better athlete platform.

What’s right with mountain biking? Sense of community and lifestyle

Who do you look up to? Don Nelson (rip) – a buddy of mine who truly inspires me to make the most of every opportunity.


What do you like best about living in Laguna? Trails, ocean views, RADS rides, pretty ladies, weather, beautiful place

What do you dislike about living in Laguna? Expensive, crowded in the summer, yuppy, attitude

Favourite piece of bike kit? Adjustable seat post

What are your vices? Overly obsessive and excessive traits

Got any dirt / story of a pro MTBer you’d like to share?    Hmmm, Mark Weir at Downieville Classic three or four years ago. I was having a stellar race on the XC day, trailing in second place to Jason Moeschler late in the race. Then of course I flatted, fixed it, started riding again, and flatted again! At that point, Weir comes ripping through like a bat out of hell, and sprays dirt on me as I’m struggling to fix the second flat on the side of the trail. Of course his signature grin was in full effect at that moment. I clearly remember his white teeth sparkling out from under the butt broom on his face. After the race we high-five and swap cynical humour, but someday I’ll return the favour. Watch out buddy!

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