Warren Gill, Warren G, the Wazman; when his eyes glow red, you know the Wazmania is upon him. You’re just as likely to see him manualing down the street on his BMX as bouncing around on his fatbike. He does mean tattoos and the best Macho Man Randy Savage impression I’ve ever heard. So Warren, who is Warren Gill?  “A 34-year-old blazed, tattooed, cycling enthusiast who laughs too loud.’’

How old do you feel?

My body feels like it’s 50 but my mind feels 21.

What do you do for a crust?

I work for my father’s construction company and do tattoos on my friends.

When did you start doing tattoos? How did you learn?

I got myself a $200 tattoo kit off Trade Me for my 30th birthday. I thought I would do one or two then forget about it but I found it too much fun. I learned the hard way practising on my thigh and watching YouTube how-tos – sketchy.

 What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Coffee, cigs and empty skate parks.

What’s your ideal day off?

Ride a quiet skate park, hit low tide on my fatbike then camp at a sweet spot with a fire and my buds.

What sort of riding do you do?

BMX ramp and street, fatbike, touring, mopeding, clowning.

How did you get into bikes?

I had seen Sean Grey airing the old Devonport vert ramp and thought it looked cool. By the time I got a BMX the ramp was gone. About a year later I met Tim White. He was looking like a cross between Brian Lopes and Hans Rey. Tim could hop on his back wheel for ages so I started riding with him.

What does riding a bike do for you?

Keeps me swole, gives me gains! It also takes me on some awesome road trips. Most importantly it gives me a bunch of real good mates.


Why did you get a fatbike?

Tim White told me it would be bigger than fixies. Nah, I’ve always wanted a bike for riding on the beach. Plus it looks mean.

Where do you usually ride?

North Shore beaches, Bethells Lake [Lake Wainamu] and the Waitakeres.


Ride of the year so far?

It would be between a BMX ride at the Hunua wallrides or 42nd Traverse.

You do a summer cycle tour each year. Where have you ridden so far and what are you planning for this year’s ride?

I’ve done the west coast of the South Island from Picton to Dunedin, Picton to Lewis Pass and back, and a couple of trails around Ohakune. No solid plans for the end of the year, possibly the east coast of the North Island.

What is it about the big rides that gets you out every summer?

I love camping and I love riding bikes. Being able to mix the two is a bonus. It’s kind of fun to push your self physically too. It always buzzes me out just how far a bike can take you.

What’s your favourite bit of riding kit?

Probably my frame bum bag; can carry so much ‘stuff’ in there.

What are your vices?

Saying “primo”, “sick”, “awesome” and “mean’’ too often.

How would you describe your riding style?

Mostly on my back wheel with a few tabletops thrown in for good measure.

What are your riding goals for the year?

Try not to lose too many BMX tricks and hopefully ride some middle-of-nowhere spots in New Zealand.



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