If you’ve had anything to do with downhill in New Zealand over the past couple of years, then you no doubt have had the pleasure of bumping into Wes or Christian. The pair of them ooze charisma and together make up Welsh Brothers Racing. Not only are they some of my favourite people to ride with (which must look pretty funny as they’re both 5 foot and I’m 6 foot 4) but they’re always in a happy mood, they love looking factory and would make Jeremy McGrath look underdressed on race day.


How old are you?

Christian: 37 going on 12

Wes: I don’t know I’ve lost count, 30 something?

Where do you live?

C: Welsh Brothers Racing Head Quarters, The Shire, Auckland, NZ

W: In a house.

What do you like best about living where you do?

C: The fact you can drive a few hours in any direction and be doing something different. Mountain biking, snowboarding, fishing etc.

W: It’s not Wales and we have chickens.

What do you dislike about living where you do?

C: Not having enough time to do all of the above.

W: Mowing the massive lawn when I could be riding.

How did you get involved in the mountain bike scene to begin with, and how long ago was that?

C: Was fed up of sitting on my bum not being able to go out on my boat so three years ago pulled my old Rockhopper out that I used to get back and forth to work and started riding some of the local trails. Did that for a few months and got myself a downhill bike and discovered Rotorua and it all really started then. Check out our page www.facebook.com/pages/Welsh-Brothers-Racing/118709968255946 and follow us up to and during this year’s Masters World Champs in Brazil.

W: I went for a ride with my bro three years ago and have been trying to beat him ever since.

What’s your ‘day’ job? What does it involve?

C: Store Manager at JB Hi Fi LynnMall. Don’t do much, have 35 other staff to do the work.

W: I paint Super Yachts. Painting Super Yachts.

How would you describe your riding style?

C: Hang it out and hope!

W: I’m working on it.

Favourite trail?

C: Napier DH Track. It’s fast and loose with some stuff to raise the heart rate. And I get to hang with Horse.

W: I can’t tell you, it’s illegal…ssshhhh!

What’s one thing you’ve learned in the last 10 years?

C: Old age doesn’t come alone! Oh, and one more thing, don’t try to keep up with the two Daves from Rotorua when drinking.

W: Falling off hurts!

What’s wrong with mountain biking?

C: Not enough support for the masses of talented young riders in New Zealand.

W: Politics!

Three things right with mountain biking?

C: NZDH Champs, all the hard working trail builders and all the awesome people you meet on the trails and at races.

W: Spoke magazine, Descend Rotorua and NZDH.

Top two mountain bike developments in the last 10 years (bike park, part or whatever)?

C: Shuttles at Rotorua, giving you access to all the trails without having to pedal up that killer hill and Queenstown bike parks/gondola. This place is New Zealand’s MTB Mecca, it has everything. Awesome trails and a great culture, if it wasn’t so cold down there in the winter I’d move there.

W: Fenwick’s cleaner and Renthal jumping on board.

All time favourite rider?

C: Cedric Gracia, he is the man.

W: Sam Hill, he’s on a comeback.

Top five favourite bits of mountain bike kit?

C: My Nukeproof Scalp, Custom Watsons Racing Leatt, Fenwicks cleaning kit, Compression Kit and Clips. 

W: Renthal stem and bars, ABD Flat Out gloves, Dirty Dan tyres and Shimano clips.

Who do you look up to?

C: Everyone, I’m only 5 foot nothing. Especially John Oldale as he’s a giant.

W: Everyone, I’m only 5 foot nothing and a half.

What are your vices?

C: I’m assuming this is a family page so sorry will have to decline this question… LOL 😉

W: Ice cream and mountain biking!

Finish this sentence: “On a Saturday I like to get up and…”

C: Go to work. Hahahahahahaha, new Tui ad, YEAH RIGHT! Load up the bikes, crank the tunes in the wagon and drive to Rotorua and bust out heaps of runs on the National DH Track. FUN TIMES.

W: Put on my robe and slippers, go down to the workshop, spin my wheels and dream about the perfect trail. Reality bites, unfortunately I’ll be painting Super Yachts!






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