I love this video and I really didn’t expect to because it was described to me as, “A couple of Germans go hike-a-biking up a big mountain and then ride down again”. From previous experience of German videos they are generally pretty shitty. Mountain bike ones that is. Usually it is some contrived story line where some uber rad dudes make their way up a hill like two guys dancing to Lady Gaga and then ride down in the most awkward manner possible. They are always an attempt at making all mountain seem kind of cool but they always make it look really geeky and weird. Which is a shame, because all mountain isn’t but the people that call all mountain, all mountain are. Oh wait…

Anyway, this video kicks in something that is long overdue: genuine adventure and story telling in a web video. It is so rad that I can completely ignore the fact that they probably did far more bike carrying than riding and they still do too many gay rear wheel kick outs (you saw the French video, right?).

Actually, whilst on the subject, can we not see the difference between a rear wheel kick out and a proper God loving, boner inducting skid?

Back to the video, mountain biking needs more videos that tell tales, craft stories for genuine experience (and I don’t mean Go-Pro footage should be regarded as genuine experience) and step beyond formulaic guff.

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