Giro-Terraduros-5516This one kind of snuck under the radar here at Spoke. We’ve been pretty damn excited about the arrival of the new Terraduro shoe. For starters it’s a shoe designed from the ground up around all mountain riding rather than XC racing and that gels with everyone here, but when this pair showed up here just before Christmas, holding them in the flesh solidified this shoe as pretty much the perfect shoe for New Zealand riding in general (as long as you’re not going for the win in XC).Giro-Terraduros-5511The Terraduro, despite sounding like a Midwest cheerleading team is a super stiff shoe (thanks to its stiff nylon shank) that is designed to pedal with the efficiency of a high end XC shoe. Two Velcro straps and a ratchet buckle handle retention duties.
Giro-Terraduros-5514The shoe offers a huge amount of protection for the toe with a reinforced toe box, and the SPD cleat position is a bit further back than on older Giros allowing a more comfortable, gravity oriented foot location.Giro-Terraduros-5512But the real hero of the Terraduro is the Vibram sole. Proven for years in the hiking and tramping arena, Vibram know how to make a grippy sole and combined with Easton’s MTB shoe knowledge, it would be hard not to come out with something that wasn’t a winner. The outsole is designed to be grippy on rocks, logs and loam and features a flexible toe area to make those ten hour Bobby Goldsbury hikes bearable.

The Terraduro is in shops now and retails for NZ$250. Expect to see a full review in the February issue of Spoke.




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  1. Rock on Bobby! Gotta hike to get the good times!! Likin’ the look of these shoes. just need to be a bit higher on the crank side for ankle-cushioning duties and they’d be perfect. That being said, I’m gonna have to try a pair.

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