Mitch Ropelato on stage four. EWS 5 2014 Winter Park. Photo by Matt Wragg

I was in Colorado last week. It’s hot, dusty, high and the rocks and roots hide underneath this blanket of stuff that more resembles sand than loam. Anyways, I didn’t stick around for the EWS or the Slopestyle but luckily Dirt and Vital did, and they’re so kind that you can just embed their videos and slideshows, so sit back watch and relive this weekend’s action. Results are down below. Graves won… so did ACC but Rosara Joseph shook that dreaded 6th place and moved one up to 5th (well two up from the last round) and Justin Leov kept things consistent for a 5th place finish.

We’ll update this with the last installment from the Vital and Dirt folks.


Overall Results after Round 5

EWS Rankings Men Round 5

EWS Rankings Women Round 5

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  1. Well done Rosara on breaking that 6th place curse… and Justin, you will get your win one day soon! Damn, can’t wait to go back to Winterpark, so much fun!

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