“Nice top!”
I could tell by the tone of voice, and because I knew the person it belonged to only too well, that there was more than a hint of sarcasm contained in the remark. “Why are you wearing a purple jersey?” “It’s not purple. It’s eggplant. And I’m comfortable with my (hetero)sexuality, but if you aren’t then maybe you should be wearing a black Metallica T-shirt on your rides.” A grumble, then defeated silence.
Not everyone you encounter while riding in Ground Effect’s sweet Submerino top will have the same blinkered opinion. In fact, most of my male riding friends, and all of my female ones, comment on how cool it looks. And if they were to wear it, they’d realise why I’ve been sporting it on nearly all my recent rides. The merino/polyester blend is amazing at wicking away sweat, regulating body temperature on crisp days or cold nights and, obviously, garnering attention. For the cooler months, it is a must-have. While it’s intended primarily as a base layer, it also performs wonderfully on its own or with a light undershirt. If you want the best quality technical riding gear around, you’ll love the Submerino. And if you’re too macho, or the shy type, you can always get the black version.


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