How’s this, so I had the latest issue of Dirt Rag but I hadn’t finished reading it until today, and discovered a very interesting ad for GT bikes. This one is for all those haters over on Spoke’s Facebook page that weren’t feeling the Mule photo we posted (although that might be a different bike to this). Anyhow this bike has some interesting bits, like what looks like a Horst link at the rear axle? As well as what looks like a 12mm axle, larger than 26″ E13 wheels, a suspension platform that we haven’t seen on a GT before and unlike the photo I posted earlier today, this bad boy has a stealth Reverb for a seatpost. Oh and nice clean lines…

And how’s the byline “You will see the trail from a different angle”. That must hint at a revision of GT’s current 2013 bikes geometry. Now I’m even more excited than I was this morning!

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