If you have an interest in Wellington’s future as a mountain biking destination, please take a few minutes to fill out this online form.
http://yoursay.wellington.govt.nz/s3/capital-spaces Consider mountain biking in Wellington ten years ago compared to today. And try to imagine what it will look like 10 years from now. The City Council’s Open Spaces and Recreation Framework will contribute significantly to that picture.The Wellington Open Spaces and Recreation Framework considers how the city’s sports and recreation facilities (including mountain biking areas) should be managed over the next ten years. This is very significant in terms of gaining crucial Council support for the development and maintenance of mountain bike trails and facilities.If you think the Wellington City Council should make Mountain Biking a priority in the future, please take a few minutes to provide your feedback via the online form.Comments you could make that would greatly benefit the cause might include ‘the health and wellbeing of Wellingtonians’, ‘promoting Wellington as a mountain biking destination’ and ‘the economic benefits for local businesses e.g. retail, hospitality and tourism’.

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