While I was sipping champagne in the VIP lounge on someone else’s dime and being up the arse of all the right people, James Allan was documenting the front lines. Check out his epic photos from Hecklefest aka the Canadian Open DH race at Crankworx. Stevie Smith took the win over Neethling and Brosnan while Gee got all shook up by Hecklers Rock and ended up going OTB.


The sign on the left says "MICAYLA GATTO: I'd love to see your gateaux"

There was a very big Kiwi contingent on Hecklers Rock so it looks like when the Kiwi riders went past it was a little quieter so as not to put them off...

He may of won the World Championship and numerous other World Cup races, but Gee Atherton just couldn't handle the pressure of Hecklers Rock and took a digger at the bottom.

Is this a summer music festival or a bikers get together? Hecklefest attracts them all.

Danny Hart is ridiculous. This was during practice but even during his final run he threw a whip just as big. I saw some guys really struggle with the 50 footer (that's what I heard it being referred to as but I don't know if that is a Canadian freeride measurement or legitimate measurement) and I saw some pretty heart stopping nearly crashes. Including Neethling who was pedaling into it so fast that he ended up doing a gammy pencil and manualing down the whole landing. It got him second place and a heap of cash.

Rachel Atherton took the women's victory over Claire Kovarik and Miranda Millar. She was shaking her head at her brothers poor attempt at winning them some drinking money.

Some ten year old getting introduced to adult games early in life. This is Gatorade from what I have been told. I hope it is too. Happy Hecklefest everyone. Today is a day off events and racing at Crankworx so I imagine everyone went hard in the bars last night and hangovers will be the color of the day.



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