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Hey Mate, I think I’m Breaking Bad on Strava. I started out just using it to record my rides, so I could see how far I’d ridden over the past year. But then I got a KOM (King Of the Mountain) on a segment of the local trail without even trying and I started to see what other trails I could do better on.

Then I started to notice good mates of mine had better times than me and even had KOM’s. I’m a much better and faster rider than them so I hunted them down and took them out. It’s all I think about now, my next KOM. The other day another mate beat a KOM by 10 seconds; there is no way he could beat me by 10 seconds. His phone is always glitching out and loses the satellite, giving him better times. The worst part is he thinks he can beat me, HOW CAN HE THINK HE CAN BEAT ME!?

What should I do? I could flag his ride and it would be deleted, but he would probably think it’s me. Or do I ignore it and save the friendship, even though he is delusional? The easiest thing to do would be quit Strava, but I just don’t want to… I just can’t!

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  1. The next progression of Strava economics happened to me last week — I was looking at a bike in a shop and I was told it had the fastest Strava time up a local trail – not suspension this or this much travel that — just a fast bike in the right hands .Can I add a pair of capable hands to that order please…

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