Big Wheels Keep

Big Wheels Keep
Hey Mate, try this next time you go into your LBS. Line up a 26 inch, six50b and a 29er trail bike and then count how many times the sales assistant contradicts themself while they try to sell all three bikes at once. The problem is they want to sell the 26 inch since it’s the last one on the floor and want to get rid of that dead technology. They want to sell the 6fiftyBee because they think they are cool. And they want to sell the 29er because deep down they know that 29ers are the shit and are the future of the sport.

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  1. So to go with my 3 wheels sizes ( which I need in case the terrain dictates I need a 26″, 27.5″, 29″ or the very future forward 29″ front 27.5″ rear combo which I’m railing for the mens coffee group right now ), I’d like to make sure my shorts, top and lens all have the same colour accents to highlight my incredible skills while I roast all you gimps as you spill your low fat decaf half cab twisted lime mocha lattes on your chinos. Oh which by the way are super comfort-able and enhance your riding skills by at least 64.45689% ( as long as you have 32PSI in your front tubeless )…

  2. Sorry, I know that no one likes a corrector Pieter but the correct marketing parlance for the mediocre wheel size is 27.5 even though it’s really only 27″.

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