dh monkey
“Hey Mate, have you been following women’s cycling lately? It’s pretty exciting… Bahaha, nearly got all of that out. Hahaha, women’s cycling in its entirity.”

Many years later…

“Hey Mate, you’re great and all, and in a mates kind of way, I love you. But I just feel that mountain biking is a bit gay. Do you remember that amazing view we saw at the top of Helicopter hill in Craigieburn? And last week before riding Red Hill in the morning, we watched the sun rise up out of the ocean and across Manly. The water turned blood red and the windows in the buildings twinkled with a blinding red flare. It was so romantic, pity I was with you. I just can’t help but feel I’d like to share these views and memories with my girlfriend. Shame she doesn’t ride, but there just doesn’t seem to be that many girls into mountain biking. It’s like we didn’t support them or teased them or something…”

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