Crashing and fishing

Crashing and fishing“Hey Mate!! You look like you had a massive crash. Where did that happen?”
“Hey Bro! Yeah, it was pretty big. You know where that creek is on Drop Zone?”
“The first creek? Or the second one?”
“There’s two creeks?”
“Yeah they are pretty close to each other near the middle.”
“Oh! Probably the second creek.”
“Yep, I know where that one is… hang on, there are no creeks on Drop Zone! Don’t you mean “Dead Emu? Drop Zone is just a fireroad used to go up the hill.”
“What?… Oh, always wondered what that track was called. Well after that second creek I was going way too fast for the corner going into that off camber section…”
“Yeah, I’ve crashed on that section before. I hit that first tree that sticks out on that funny angle and flew into the bushes.”
“Oh yeah, na, I made it past that tree. I hit the next lot of rocks going way too fast. There is like five big ones in a row with one big fat root in the middle.”
“Yeah, I’ve slid out on that root before, crashed into one of those rocks and went into the bushes.”
“Oh yeah? Na, I tried to pop off that root and clear the section…

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