Chamois cream is an essential part of my riding kit… there’s not a stiff chamois, saddle sore or muddy crack that can’t be tamed with a liberal application of a decent salve. I’ve tried a lot of them over the years, from Vaseline (just don’t) to nappy cream (pretty good) to a host of cycling-specific concoctions (with varying success). NZ made Sweet Cheeks Butt Butter could be my new favourite though.


Wanaka based Jennie Taylor is a trained herbalist so it’s a given that she uses only natural ingredients in her products. The Butt Butter contains NZ grown and sourced manuka, comfrey, calendula, arnica, kawakawa and harakeke. It smells different, good different to other creams, and without going into too much personal downstairs detail, it feels good and keeps things fresh even on four-hour rides.




Sweet Cheeks also make a heat rub and a healing balm…


The Hot Cheeks is great for aching muscles and strains, and the peppermint and chili based balm doesn’t burn the living daylights out of your skin.


The Super Balm is made for cuts, abrasions and bruises, something every mountain biker will suffer from on a pretty regular basis. It’s healed up a disc rotor-induced sliced finger, soothed poison ivy rash, and a massive bruise on Caleb’s arm is currently under intensive treatment.


Check out Sweet Cheeks’ website for more info, and get it at your LBS or online.



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  1. Hey Brett, Jenny is a resident of Hawea Flat, just outside of Wanaka, not CHCH. I’ve used the Butt Butter on multi week riding missions in the Himalayas to marathon style races in NZ and on my babies bum too. Great product!!

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